Work With Us

Work With Us

Mack Financial Services Group, Inc. exists to provide superior tax and financial support to businesses, investors and professionals. Our mission is to help our clients accomplish their tax, financial and business goals by providing services that are customized to fit their needs. We strive to provide a safe working relationship with our clients and to help them navigate through any business decisions. We do this by ensuring that our clients are well informed on efficient and effective business and financial practices.

We currently offer the following services:

Proactive tax planning services – tax planning is the core service of Mack Financial Services Group, Inc. We believe that the probability of achieving success is greatly increased when you have a proactive plan in place for your business and finances.

Our tax planning consists of a 3 phase process:

  • Phase one – tax planning

  • Phase two – tax strategy and business implementation

  • Phase three – ongoing monthly virtual cfo services 

Executive Training and Coaching – We offer training and coaching services that allow businesses to gain clarity in their tax and financial operations. We will equip you with the tools needed to establish a solid foundation and help you build a successful and sustainable business.