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Tax Planning For Professionals

I know what you’re thinking….If the tax code primarily benefits business owners and investors, how can a professional possibly benefit from tax planning (other that retirement and owning a home. We all know those strategies)?

Well, the answer is that being proactive means that we have to start with a goal. We’ll determine what your current and future goals are and help you to create a game plan that will allow you to achieve those goals in the most efficient and effective manner.

We have 2 maintenance plans for professionals.

1.Professional tax maintenance plan – this plan is well suited for professionals who may not be interested in starting a business or investing, but would like to work with a professional to assist with budgeting and advising on tax and financial concerns that arise during the year.

2. Bronze tax strategy and maintenance plan – this plan is well suited for professionals who desire to reduce their taxable income by exploring business and investment opportunities. The bronze plan includes everything in the professional tax maintenance plan + preparation of a basic tax action plan to help you set the correct course for structuring and managing your newly formed business).

Here’s what the bronze tax strategy and maintenance plan includes:

Tax planning meeting: we will present written recommendations designed to meet your stated goals and objectives. We will develop an action plan to implement the agreed upon recommendations. We’ll provide referrals to other professionals, as required, to assist with implementation of the action plan. Click here for more information on our implementation services.

The professional and bronze maintenance packages include the following services:

Virtual meetings – we converse quarterly over shared-­screen meetings, video or phone chats, and email. We are also available for in-­person meetings, at our contracted hourly rate.

Virtual consultations– you can schedule four 15-minute virtual consultations at your convenience throughout the year.

Unlimited email consultations– we will provide you with four email consultations to help resolve your tax questions.

Individual tax return – we will prepare your federal and state tax returns and supporting schedules. Additional fees may apply for schedule c, e and related schedules.

Fall tax planning review – we’ll develop a detailed year–end tax projection, along with a detailed tax-­strategy plan to minimize your tax liability before december 31st, and present a calculation of estimated tax payments so that there are no surprises on april 15th.

Personal budget review – we’ll review your monthly budget to help you identify savings opportunities and provide resources to manage your personal finances in the most efficient and effective manner.

Tax alerts – you’ll get email alerts and newsletters with timely tips for making the most of your money.

Due date monitoring – you’ll receive our due date monitoring service to ensure you never miss an important tax deadline again.

Note: – we are able to implement tax strategies based on your preferences. An example of an implementation need would be setting up an llc for your business. Click here for more information on our implementation services.